We are two churches but a single parish.


Diversity of tradition, unity of faith and commitment to our community are our driving passions.

West Grinstead is a single parish with two churches: St George’s (the parish church) and St Michael and All Angels. St George’s has been at the geographical heart of the parish, close to the River Adur, for almost a thousand years. St Michael’s was built to serve the growing community of Partridge Green at the turn of the twentieth century. Once entirely agricultural, the local economy is now a mixture of agriculture, light industry and services, and there is a significant dormitory population, who travel to work in Brighton, Horsham, Gatwick and London. Some 3000 people live in the parish, the majority in Partridge Green.

The two churches have different styles of worship. St George’s follows the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) tradition, with a four-part choir at the principal service each Sunday: St Michael’s uses Common Worship, with a less formal musical style. Both churches, however, offer the same welcome to visitors and new members.

This diversity of provision is one of West Grinstead’s strengths, allowing space for those with differing liturgical tastes to worship in their preferred style, while coming together to support the mission and work of the parish as a whole. Other parish activities (mission, education, funding) are run jointly.

The churches play a significant role in the life of the wider community, both marking the major events of individual lives such as baptisms, marriages and funerals and significant communal occasions like the great religious festivals, St George’s Day and Michaelmas, Harvest Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day. They are engaged with the young, with strong links to Jolesfield CE Primary School, and with older people, through monthly lunches.


We are here to support you - if you are looking for faith and would like to find out more about following Jesus - or if you would like to deepen your existing faith.

In church we take time to reflect on life as we read scripture. Through prayer and worship we find strength for every day. Everyone is welcome.

Both churches are open every day for visitors and time for prayer.


Our church communities look outwards to connect with and support both village life and the wider world. St. Michael's hosts services and learning opportunities for Jolesfield School. Both churches collect food for Horsham Matters - our local food bank. We join with other churches in the local area to bring the Gospel to as many people as possible.


We are here to help. In times of trouble: people find refuge in church. We will gladly pray for you, visit, bring you Holy Communion at home or simply be there - clergy are here to listen confidentially. We are also here to celebrate with you on very special occasions!


Located in a rural setting, the Parish lies between Horsham, nine miles to its north, and Brighton, fifteen miles south. Most of the Parish is to the east of the A24. It has easy access to both the A24 and the A23/M23.


Priest in Charge:                                        Reverend Alison Letschka

Curate:                                                          Reverend Sally Mitchell





Wardens:                                                          Neil Jacobsen

                                                                          Michael Phillips  




Secretary:                                     Beryl Payne                                                      


Treasurer:                                     David Ellis


                                                     Karen Adams                  (Safeguarding)

                                                     David Ellis                       (Treasurer) 

                                                     Bill Holt

                                                     Tony Martin

                                                     Richard Maule-Oatway

                                                     Beryl Payne                    (Secretary)                                                                     

                                                     Heather Tomsett

                                                     David Tidey

                                                     Rosie Tunnell                  (Deanery Synod Rep)

                                                     Andrea Wellstead

Worship Leaders:                       Ian Balls                          (St George's)

                                                     David Dunk                     (St Michael's)

Communion                                St George's:

Administrators:                          Kate Wydra                                                                                                                                                                    Barry Linsley

                                                     Neil Jacobsen 


                                                     St Michael's

                                                     Heather Tomsett              

                                                     Patrick Letschka

                                                     Simon Harvey 

We are two churches but a single parish.


Diversity of tradition, unity of faith and commitment to our community are our driving passions.


St. George's Church

Rectory Lane

West Grinstead


RH13 8LR

St. Michael's Church

Church Lane

Partridge Green


RH13 8JW


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