Including Mission Partners and Horsham Foodbank


Christians from different traditions come together to affirm their common faith in Jesus in a variety of ways and this local tradition is well established and supported:

Please NOTE during Covid 19, the events marked " are suspended. Those marked + continue, but only via on-line.


Event                                 When                               Time              Host / Venue             Contact          

Foodbank                                See "Horsham Matters"


Village Café                            Monthly - 2nd Thursday "    2.00 - 5.00pm    Methodist Hall              June Fitton, or Debbie Holland

                                                                                                                                                                 Debbie:  01403 711178 


                                                                                                                                                                 June:      01403 711270

Community Prayer                Monthly - 1st Saturday +     8.00 - 9.30am     Alternate homes           Kit:         01403 711880

Breakfast                                                                                                          of Kit and Michael        and

                                                                                                                                                                 Michael: 01403 711206


Easter Outreach                    Saturday After              "      From 10.30am   Rev Alison Letschka    Alison:

                                                Good Friday                                                    Mike Phillips                  Mike:     01403 711690

                                                                                                                         Ian Holland                     and

                                                                                                                                                                 Ian:        01403 711178


Outdoor Community            Saturday Before                   From 11.00am    Outside                          As Easter Outreach  

Carols                                    Christmas                                                         Hutchins Butchers

Service in the Park               As Agreed During         "     From 10.30am    King George V               As Easter Outreach

                                               Each Summer                                                   Playing Fields

Ecumenical Study Group    Lent and Advent            "     As agreed           St. Michael's Church   Alison:





We support Horsham Matters, which runs the local Horsham Foodbank service, seeded by the Trussell Trust. You can join us in helping the disadvantaged by either donating money or grocery goods, and by praying. Horsham Foodbank are very short of goods at this challenging time. Details on how you can support are listed below: 

1. Money giving:

Please consider: Either reviewing this link:-

                                                                             (Copy & paste to your search engine & click on the green Donate button;                                                                                  please note your money will go exclusively to Horsham Foodbank).

                           Or, text a one-off donation to:-  70085 with the amount preceded by "TRUSSELL" (eg TRUSSELL 5)


2. Grocery giving and Prayers:

Would you kindly please pray for, and, if it is possible, support those struggling by giving groceries to Foodbank generously and frequently. Thank you!

You may leave goods in the entrance to St George's and in the box outside St Michael's. These are collected daily.


Foodbank require especially the following NON PERISHABLE goods (except, please note in bold, below):


Long Life Milk

Fruit Juice Concentrate



Variety of tinned food including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.


Also, during Covid 19 only, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Fresh food will be transported as soon as possible once received, normally same or following day.

Thank you very much for your kind and generous support.

We are two churches but a single parish.


Diversity of tradition, unity of faith and commitment to our community are our driving passions.


St. George's Church

Rectory Lane

West Grinstead


RH13 8LR

St. Michael's Church

Church Lane

Partridge Green


RH13 8JW


Alternatively, please click on the Contact Us link for more options.

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